National Collaborations


 Programme  Institution
 Network Programmes (Research)  
 Development of hybrids in vegetable crops  CSAUA&T, Kanpur, CCSHAU Hissar, PAU, Ludhiana, IARI, New Delhi, IIHR, Bangalore, UAS, Dharwad, MPKV Rahuri, TNAU Coimbatore, BCKV, Kalyani
 IPM in brinjal for management of shoot and fruit borer  GAU, Anand, OUA&T, Bhubaneswar, Vishwa Bharati, Shantiniketan, RK Mission, Ranchi, ICAR Complex for NEH Region, Shillong
 Improvement of underutilized vegetable crops  IIHR, Bngalore; IARI, Katrain; ICAR Res. Complex for NEH Region, Barapani; CCSHAU, Hisar; SKUA&T, Srinagar and KAU, Vellanikkara.
 Prevention and management of mycotoxin contamination in commercially important agricultural commodities  NRC, Groundnut, Junagadh, DRR, Hyderabad, DMR, IARI, NRC, Sorghum, Hyderabad, IISR, Calicut, RARS, Lam, Guntur,
 Project on wilt of crops with special reference to cultural, morphological, molecular characterization and pathogenic variability of isolates in India  IARI, New Delhi, UAS, Dharwad
 Management of Alternaria blight in vegetable crops  IIHR, Bangalore, CHES, Hirehalli, Karnatka, IARI, New Delhi
 Development of chilli hybrids for oleoresin (paprika) production  IISR, Calicut, UAS Dharwad, RARS, Lam.
 Collection, evaluation, conservation and documentation of germplasm  NBPGR and SAUs
 Agronomic recommendations  ICAR Institutes and SAUs
 Physiology, biochemistry and processing  ICAR Institutes, PAU, HAU
 Disease and pest management  ICAR Institutes and SAUs
 National Seed Project  
 Breeder Seed Production/Seed Production  ICAR Institutes, SAUs, SFCI, NSC
 Seed Technology Research  YSPUH&F, Coimbatore
 Promotion of Hybrid Research  IIHR, Katrain, Kanpur, Pantnagar, Faizabad, other ICAR Institutes and SAUs
 Hybrid Seed Production  Private sector, NSC, SFCI, UPTDC