International Collaborations

Programme Institution
Genetic Resources and Germplasm Conservation/Crop Improvement IPGRI, AVRDC, Taiwan, IIAT
Preparation of Probe for virus identification AVRDC, INRA
Molecular Biology Techniques Cornell University, USA
Protoplast culture University of Nottingham, UK
Identification of Plant pathogenic fungi IMI, London
Promotion of IPM of eggplant shoot and fruit borer in Indo-Gangetic plains of South Asia AVRDC, Taiwan, BARI, Bangladesh, NRI, UK, DFID, UK
Integrated management of Fruitfly in India Imperial College, London, DFID, UK,
Pesticide residues USDA
Predator and parasite identification Int. Instt. of Entomology, London
Integrated Nutrient Management Rothamsted Exp. Station, UK
Poly house and Green house Technology HRI Littlehampton, UK.
Computer simulation and crop forecasting techniques CABO, Netherlands